Ravenslade Limited


Project Management

Ravenslade provides the following services:

  • front end input to minimise risk, maximise potential and provide the right momentum to get a project off the ground
  • manage the planning process and infrastructure provision, appoint design and construction teams and facilitate programme, cost and quality certainty
  • cost management and contract administration
  • leadership of the project, with the benefit of a single point of contact throughout.

Development Partnering

Ravenslade offer joint venture arrangements in collaboration with landowners to facilitate their development aspirations and assist in unlocking site value.

We invest our time and expertise to appraise and optimise site potential and to help realise value. To achieve this, we work with our associate contacts and use our experience to assemble all the information required to promote and fund the site opportunity, including organising the following:

  • master plan design, planning appraisal and consultation with the local authority
  • marketing appraisal and analysis of end-user demand
  • cost of development and preparing an overall development appraisal
  • assess site risks and threats to success
  • assess available funding streams and promotion costs